Biden’s Administration’s Softer Approach to Illegal Immigration Amidst Health Crisis

In less than 2 weeks as the President of the United States, Joe Biden has not kept mute of his displeasure at how illegal immigration was enforced by bodies such as the Department of Homeland Security.

But more than his verbal displeasure, the president has wasted no time in reversing certain regulations that were in operation under the Trump administration. In general, it is safe to say the new president is soft in his approach to illegal immigration.

Department of Homeland Security to Stop Regulatory Enforcements in Sensitive Areas

In light of the pandemic, one of the new changes is how enforcement of immigration laws will not be carried out in vaccination areas. This is because the administration sees good healthcare and protection from the virus as the exclusive right of everyone.

As a result, regulatory actions that can stop people of any kind from getting the essential vaccines are frowned at. The primary motive behind this is to ensure the nation gets over the adverse effect of the pandemic as soon as possible.

The role of the homeland security department is also vital in all of these. This is also because this government agency doubles as the oversight body for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

History Likely to Repeat Itself

Aside from the vaccination centers, religious places such as churches are likely going to be considered as sensitive locations for the enforcement of immigration laws by the department of homeland security.

If this happens, this is not a new development as many illegal immigrants have sought solace and refuge in churches and other religious centers in time past. Such actions were intended to avoid being deported.

A cross-section of people have reservations about the possibility of this happening again. They think the previous administration may have been right to intensify enforcement even in these religious venues.