Fate Smiles on Healthcare Worker amidst the Pandemic

Because of restrictions on public gatherings, events like the renowned Gothenburg Film Festival are taking a new turn.

Unlike the days that saw people trooping to experience the excitement, the event is now streamed online with many people trying to make the most of the virtual arrangement.

However, a single slot was open for a participant to experience the festival in isolation. Out of well over 10,000 people, a female emergency healthcare worker has been selected.

Looking Forward to the Temporal Change in Reality

The lucky winner of this experience is Enroth, she is an emergency nurse who did not mince words in stating how excited she is. This is even though she will have to go through the experience in isolation.

Enroth explained that the demands of her job have been quite overwhelming, and she could with such a lifetime experience. Rather than facing the enormous task of taking care of patients and helping them sail through their health complications, this experience will be relieving for the healthcare worker.

What Enroth will Enjoy

The location that Enroth will stay is mesmerizing. It is a lighthouse on a strategic island on the west coast of Sweden.

Aside from the amazing location, the healthcare worker will have access to over 60 films that have gone through various selection processes.

How Enroth Emerged the Winner

As explained by the CEO of the film festival—Mirja Wester, “Choosing one single person out of 12,000 was not an easy task, but Lisa made a strong impression on us in her letter… The interviews and tests she subsequently undertook strengthened our impression of her as the right candidate. And in these troubled times, it feels particularly right to be able to give this unique experience to one of the many heroes of the healthcare system who are all working so hard against COVID-19” People will also get the opportunity to share in Enroth’s experience through a video diary that will be aired daily.