How does a DDoS protection work?

In today's ever-changing digital world, there are several computer attacks that hamper the smooth functioning of online businesses. Among these different attacks, there are DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), attacks which pose a major threat to online businesses. Thus, to manage to fight against these attacks, companies set up solid DDoS protection systems. These DDoS protections play a crucial role in the security of networks and online services by identifying and blocking attacks. In this article, you will learn how DDoS protections work.

Early detection of attacks

DDoS attacks are computer attacks that aim to interfere with the ability of websites. They manage to cause malfunctions of online businesses by sending multiple requests to their web resource. Indeed, with protection ddos, online businesses can deal effectively with these attacks. To achieve this, these DDoS protections begin their operation by early detection of these different DDoS attacks. 
This detection functionality relies on advanced systems capable of quickly and accurately identifying malicious traffic patterns. Through its different systems, this feature uses a variety of techniques to spot these suspicious traffic patterns. It analyzes data streams in real time and uses sophisticated algorithms to differentiate legitimate queries from malicious ones.

Proactive attack management

Once DDoS attacks are detected, DDoS protection systems spring into action to defend targeted online services. They are systems that deploy a series of mitigation techniques that aim to filter malicious traffic and minimize the impact of the attack. Thus, after malicious traffic is identified from the detection phase, DDoS protections implement filtering strategies to block or limit its access to online services. 
This is done through firewall and protocol-based filtering or other traffic control mechanisms. By reducing the attack's impact on online services, DDoS protection helps maintain system availability and performance. They enable organizations to continue providing essential services to their users, despite the threat of a DDoS attack.

Load distribution

Load balancing is an essential element of DDoS protections, making it possible to guarantee the continuous availability of servers by preventing their congestion. Systems in this distribution are used intelligently to distribute traffic evenly across multiple servers. This therefore reduces the load on each individual server by preventing a single server from being overwhelmed by a DDoS attack stream. 
By using sophisticated algorithms, these dispatch systems manage to analyze and evaluate incoming traffic, thus identifying legitimate requests from malicious ones. Then these legitimate requests are directed to the appropriate servers. While suspicious or malicious requests are blocked or redirected to additional detection systems for further analysis.

Analysis of suspicious behavior

Behavioral analysis is a process of observing and identifying different attack patterns. Indeed, with behavioral analyses, these DDoS protections evaluate the behavior of requests. If suspicious activity is detected, such as an abnormally high volume of requests, they take action to block that IP address. To achieve this block this address, DDoS protections use blacklists and whitelists. 
Known malicious IP addresses are listed in a blacklist, while legitimate IP addresses are listed in a whitelist. When an IP address is identified as malicious, it is blocked based on the blacklist. In this way, the traffic coming from these IP addresses is filtered and does not reach the targeted server. Using behavioral analysis and black and white lists, DDoS protections help prevent attacks and maintain the availability of online services.

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